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(216) 481-4774

442 S Green Rd Cleveland, Ohio   44121-2895 , USA

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General Info:

global manufacturer & supplier of quality bolt and torque tension testers & calibrators for construction jobs and industrial applications.

Products & Services:

  • Skidmore
  • Torque Tension
  • Bolt Tension
  • Model M
  • Bolts
  • Torque Tester
  • Impact Wrench Tester
  • Calibrator
  • Bolt
  • Construction
  • Bridges
  • Steel

Web Site Results

...performing ROCAP tests using a the Skidmore Wilhelm Bolt Tension Calibrator Rotational Capacity Testing in the ...This test, especially on plain bolts requires quite a bit of torque.
New Model MZ - Our newest lightweight design is now available. Learn more.
Welcome to the Skidmore-Wilhelm website. For over 60 ...tension. We developed the first Bolt Tension Calibrator for the construction industry in ...need to test high strength bolts on site. From
...getting larger and taller, the bolts associated with them are getting ...with them are getting bigger. Skidmore, working with a number of our ...our existing clients has developed a model we have dubbed
Model MZ
Bolt Testing The main considerations when ...considerations when choosing the proper Calibrator are 1) the size (diameter and ...diameter and length) of the bolts you will be testing and 2) ...short bolt plates and bushings. Model
About Skidmore-Wilhelm ...would measure the tension in a bolt. Use of bolts in steel structures was exploding

Company Profile:

Contact: 216-481-4774
Address: 442 S Green Rd
Cleveland, Ohio   44121-2895 , USA
Url: http://www.skidmore-wilhelm.com
Fax: 216-481-2427
Business Type: Wholesale & Distributor
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