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530-795-3311 x4

709 Dutton St Winters, California   95694-1748 , USA

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General Info:

for close to three decades, mariani nut company has grown, processed and marketed california premium walnuts & almonds. with the help of over 700 growers spanning across california, our products can be found worldwide.

Products & Services:

  • Mariani Nut
  • Mariani Walnuts
  • Mariani Almonds
  • California Almonds
  • California Walnuts
  • Almond Processors
  • Walnut Processors
  • Walnut Grower
  • Almond Grower
  • Walnut Farming
  • Almond Farming
  • Nuts From Farm
  • Harvesting Walnuts
  • Nut Health
  • Recipes
  • Nut Recipes
  • Banana Nut Bread Recipe
  • Selling Nuts
  • Buying Nuts
  • Walnut Pesto Recipe
  • Almond Roasting Instructions

Web Site Results

is the state s prime walnut growing region. Its mild climate and deep fertile soils provide ideal growing conditions for the California walnut. California walnuts account for 99 percent... of the commercial U.S. supply and two-thirds of the world supply. Walnuts are commercially grown throughout the Central Valley of California and in coastal valleys, from Redding... tree has been planted and stabilized, it will continue to bear fine quality fruit for as long as a century. In late August, branches of California walnut trees hang heavy with full...
adherence to other foods Well-suited for roasting California Skin tone and depth of wrinkles fall between Nonpareil and Mission Good general purpose nut Other Major Varieties Plus Ultra..., Carmel, Peerless Pack SizesMariani Walnuts are available in: 25 lb./30 lb. corrugated cartons with polylined bags inside 1,000 lb. to 2,200 lb. fiber bins Vacuum pack capabilities... Product Sizes Walnut HalvesWalnut Halves & PiecesWalnut Large PiecesWalnut Medium PiecesWalnut Small PiecesWalnut Large NuggetsWalnut Medium NuggetsWalnut Small NuggetsWalnut Meal...

Company Profile:

Contact: 530-795-3311 x4
Address: 709 Dutton St
Winters, California   95694-1748 , USA
Url: http://marianinut.com
Fax: 530-795-2681
Year Established: 1972
Annual Sales: US$50 Million - US$100 Million
Business Type: Wholesale & Distributor,Manufacturer
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