EDS is an expert with 1-wire networks, host adapters, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, temperature data loggers, and remote monitoring. Custom solutions may be are quoted and developed rapidly.

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Year Established 2003
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...Watchdog Module ATP006 - Acrylic Waterproof Temperature Probe Bank Wire Transfer Fee ...Wire Light Monitor DS1402-BP8+ - iButton Probe Cable Reader, Parallel, 8ft ...Wire Digital Display EDS00xx - Environmental Sensor GP1 Counter - 1-Wire
Welcome to Embedded Data Systems - The Source for iButtons, 1-Wire,...
Thermochron Central. Complete starter kits starting at $69.95. Most iButton Models and accessories in-stock!...EDS offers a wide range of iButton, 1-Wire, and wireless devices. Included ...line are Thermochron and Hygrochron temperature data loggers, Ethernet interface adapters, ...loggers, Ethernet interface adapters, environmental sensors in various form
OW-SERVER: 1-Wire to Ethernet Server, Revision 2
HA7Net - Ethernet 1-Wire Host Adapter...strong-pull-up for 1-Wire sensors. Fast WiFi network configuration over ...backbone of your 1-Wire based sensor / control system. This provides several ...without waiting for a time intensive temperature conversion (or other
OW-CBL-1 - RJ12 to Bare...
PIR2-CC Connectivity Cable for PIR2/Host Adapter...connection from any EDS Environmental Sensor, D2 or OW-RTD to ...Bus Master. 10 cable Operating Temperature Range -55 to +125 C Enables ...leads to the supported sensor: HA7Net (internal jumper must
OW-TEMP-B3-12xA - Temperature Probe
Point Sensor Temperature...My Cart Home > 1-Wire > Environmental Sensors OW-TEMP-B3-12xA - Temperature Probe Item ID: OW-TEMP-...standard). Standard with Maxim DS18B20 sensor. Uses 1-Wire communication protocol. Compatible ...resistance to high and low temperatures,