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Year Established 1993
Annual Sales US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Business Type Manufacturer

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Commercial Coffee Bags
...Us Site Map Mylar - Gusseted Bags 2 oz. and 6-10 oz. Quick ...and sizes. The 2oz coffee bag size with its narrow width physical protection, oxygen and moisture barrier, and packaging
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...USPS Parcel Post Transparent Silver bag sealed on the zipper end ...pcs $700.00 53FSOZE075 Style: Foil ZipSeal
...Contact Us Site Map Mylar Bags, Sorbents, Desiccants & Sealers Proudly introducing ...that will seal the heaviest foil materials. Vacuum Sealing is the ...Popular Items Mylar Vacuum Sealers Moisture Absorbents
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...Package Integrity Mylar Vacuum Sealers Moisture Absorbents Foil ZipSeal Bags Heat Sealers Oxygen Absorbers Quick
Hot Jaw Sealer
...Site Map > QUICK LINKS Mylar Bags Vacuum ...test the seal of the bag, apply a seal to two layers excellent unit for large foil and mylar ...for sealing polyethylene and laminated foils.

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