11430 Denton Dr
Dallas, Texas   75229-3413 , USA

Fax: 972-241-3990

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  • Pipe Supply
  • Pipe Supplier
  • Pipe
  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Mechanical Supply
  • Industrial Supply
  • Building Supply
Year Established 1979
Annual Sales US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Business Type Wholesale & Distributor

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...MATERIALS LINE SHEET PRODUCT MANUFACTURER/SUPPLIER Pipe - Steel Tex Tube, Paragon, IPSCO, ...Pipe - Pre-insulated Thermacor Process Valves - Balancing Tyco ...Backflow & Pressure Relief Ames, Watts Fittings - Weld WeldBend, Allied Fitting Fittings -
Introducing Ameripipe Supply
...maintained a consistent presence while other suppliers faltered. Today, we are a firm ...vast network of manufacturers. Ameripipe Supply is now a TYCO Distributor! Click ...product information.Click here for Mechanical product information. Customer
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...your expectations. Vast Inventory - Our mechanical, industrial and fire protection customers ...and Oklahoma City. We often supply materials on projects south of