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(800) 631-3689

Address Unknown Grand Junction, Colorado   81504-0445 , USA

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bid opportunities from over 100,000 government sources.

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Web Site Results

...Remediation at Da Nang Airport, Excavation and Construction (486-11-028) Climate Technology Program: Consultant (...Prevention_Technical) Environmental Remediation at Excavation and Construction (486-12-001) HAA Vehicle Purchase, 1 EA
...87 Trowbridge Lane Reconstruction $178,785.00 Construction of Sanitary Sewer, Watermain & Storm Sewer $1,525,...Phase VI - Smoke Testing $33,603.54 Construction Improvements To High View Water Main Extension $
...Sanitary - Toilet Items (EOIRPO6218) Linoleum Flooring (EOIRPO6238) Construction Services for the Building of a Data Centre (
...Fuel (W90YBK11432302) Fuel distribution (W90YBK11382305) Procurement of Construction Materials (W90YBK1126230) Renovation of the Sevastopol Public
...Travel & Accommodations in England (20659838) Design-Build Construction Contract (N4008411R0004) Lab Reagents (FA5587-11-T-0031LABREAGENTS) ...12 Months of Service. (W913FT-11-T-0035) Construction of a school in La Macarena, Meta, Colombia. (

Company Profile:

Contact: 800-631-3689
Address: Address Unknown
Grand Junction, Colorado   81504-0445 , USA
Url: http://www.bidocean.com
Fax: 970-256-9704
Year Established: 2001
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Contruction & Contractor
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