16195 Hwy. 57
Moscow, Tennessee   38057 , USA

Fax: 901-877-6260

Products & Services

  • Carriage
  • Sawmill
  • Band Headrig
  • Log Turner
  • Band Resaw
  • Edger
  • Setworks
  • Linear Carriage
Year Established 1970
Annual Sales US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

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Hurdle Machine Works, Inc. - Sawmill Equipment, Circle Sawmills,...
ACTION...industry including complete portable circle sawmills, complete band sawmills, setshaft carriages, linear carriages, log decks, log turners, edgers, ...decks, log turners, edgers, band resaw systems, and sawmill setworks. Over 400 complete
Headrig Carriages
magnumLS1...offer the world s best headrig carriage system for any size mill. ...mill. We offer setshaft or linear carriages in 2 basic lines, Challenger and ...carriage, standard on Hurdle Complete Sawmill Packages Challenger
Our History - Hurdle Machine Works, Inc. Sawmill Machinery
junior carriage...Hurdle built his first complete sawmill from scratch shortly after this Moscow and begin manufacturing sawmills exclusively. With the third ...Mr. Hurdle completely reworked a Corinth carriage and Berry feed for
News - Hurdle Machine Works, Inc. Sawmill Machinery
Carriage Knees...simplest, toughest, and most affordable sawmill machinery possible, and we strive ...Magnum LS setshaft tong-dog carriage and can be quickly shipped, ...2006The heavy duty Magnum LP linear positioner tong dog
Complete Circle Sawmill...
ColorSawmill03...affordable way to start up a sawmill for your business. Each mill ...platform, husk, track, offbearer belt, carriage feed, log turner, log deck, ...Vertical Edger, the Challenger LP Linear Carriage, Cant Turners,