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(973) 383-1061

67 Stickles Pond Rd. Newton, New Jersey   07860 , USA

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General Info:

powermist racing products,an industry leader in high performance racing fuels, lubricants and additives. for all types of motorsports.

Products & Services:

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Web Site Results

, on the dyno and at the track demonstrate that PowerMist Fuels provide racers with some of the most powerful high performance, hi-tech racing fuels available for professional off road use...FUELS 973-383-1061 Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM Eastern Time HOME FUELS ADDITIVES LUBRICANTS CONTACT US DISTRIBUTORS LEGAL TERMS PM HOT PIT LINKS PowerMist Fuels SOME OF THE WORLD'S MOST... POWERFUL FUELS! Fueling tomorrow's Legends Today! PowerMist's wide appeal is based on superior peak horsepower numbers and expansive torque curves. Extensive testing in the lab...
, these fuels are truly the ultimate high performance part. Specially formulated, blended and exhaustively field tested, these fuels are the ultimate expression of the chemical arts. Working... in competitive motorsports worldwide. Using this testing field we have produced some of the world s best high performance products. PowerMist is seen as a pioneer and world leader... that will be sent to you at no charge upon request. NOTE: Please read no further if High Performance is not your #1 priority! The entire staff at PowerMist is dedicated...
control requirements. PowerMist tests every batch blended at the point of manufacture assuring consistent results. Designed for high performance racing engines operating at high RPM's...PETROLEUM MOTOR FUELS 973-383-1061 Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM Eastern Time HOME FUELS ADDITIVES LUBRICANTS CONTACT US DISTRIBUTORS LEGAL TERMS PM HOT PIT LINKS PowerMist Petroleum Fuels... UNLEADED FUELS PowerMist Unleaded Fuels are ideal for racing applications that require unleaded fuel. PowerMist does not try to market "street legal" fuels, PowerMist markets...
GASOLINE Performance Enhancer This high powered octane booster is a Racing Only version of our extremely successful, "Fuel Energizer" Performance Concentrate. PURE RACE utilizes a state... oxygenating additive, formulated for high performance Diesel Engines. Truck & Tractor pullers take note of this product! Recommended initial mixing ratio 10%-15%, requires at least 50cc... of the art additive package first perfected in our racing fuel blends. This concentrated additive was designed for the Racing Only enthusiasts, looking for optimum performance out...
- FORTIFIED WITH OXYGEN. Use in gasoline or methanol. CLEAN CUT 160 HONING OIL A high performance honing oil, without active sulfur, that gives outstanding finishes. Compatible...LUBRICANTS 973-383-1061 Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM Eastern Time HOME FUELS ADDITIVES LUBRICANTS CONTACT US DISTRIBUTORS LEGAL TERMS PM HOT PIT LINKS PowerMist Lubricants SUPER OIL TWO CYCLE..., and nitromethane mixtures at any ratio. SUPER II TWO CYCLE RACING LUBRICANT An exceptional oil that maintains top performance when the going gets tough! SUPER II has outstanding...

Company Profile:

Contact: 973-383-1061
Address: 67 Stickles Pond Rd.
Newton, New Jersey   07860 , USA
Url: http://www.powermist.com
Fax: 973-579-5185
Year Established: 1954
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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