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(517) 787-3301

2410 W. Main St. Jackson, Michigan   49203 , USA

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General Info:

lematic inc. - world leader in the slicing and packaging of baked goods such as buns, rolls, bagels, croissants, muffins, etc. we also offer specialty for pan turn over, pan cleaning, bagging, bulk packaging, garlic application, sandwich assembly, and a variety of other food processing applications.

Products & Services:

  • Lematic Slicer Slicing Bagger Baggers Bagging Bun Baking Bakery Roll Hotdog Hamburger Bulk Packaging Packager Packagers Pillow Pack Bagel Bagels Garlic Application System Dough Imprinting Imprinter Pan Turn Over Conveyor Conveyors Band Hinge Hinges Web Kaiser Kaisers English Muffin Muffins Croissant Hearth Forker Forking Custom Machinery Food Processing French Bread Production Food Processing Sandwich Assembly New Circular Blade Blades Top Slicer Slicers Pan Cleaning Cleaner Frozen Usda Bread Stick Sticks Garlic Bread Basket Systems

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Whether it's a new product that requires a unique approach, or a slicing issue that suddenly arises, the world's best bakeries depend on LeMatic for tried and true performance. 2012 LeMatic Inc. All rights reserved
Our Customers From artisan bakeries to industrial baking facilities dependant on equipment with fast, high-output capabilities, every LeMatic customer knows with the purchase of any LeMatic product, they have a partner for
Heavy-Duty Dough Imprinters Variable Production Rate toMeet Your Requirements 4, 6, or 8-Pocket RandomAdjustable Imprinter Models BM100230,BM100232, BM100242 - Easy to set up and take down from your existing Moulder Table. - Adjustable imprint
Pan Cleaning Systems Available in Wash Down Construction! Bun Pan Cleaner Models BM100303, BM100305,BM100307, BM100309 - Two stage brushing action aggressively loosens debrisfrom pan top and sides. - Counterbalanced Air/Vacuum Head uses
A Custom Solution For Every Need Our engineering and R departments work together to develop designs to fulfill needs both common and uncommon. Ejects Ready to Ship Pallets! Palletizer The lematic palletizer accepts

Company Profile:

Contact: 517-787-3301
Address: 2410 W. Main St.
Jackson, Michigan   49203 , USA
Url: http://www.lematic.com
Fax: 517-782-1033
Year Established: 1975
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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