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Year Established 1972

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OTOMED - Our Products
...like the quality of Otomed's products and how they stand behind ...Dust Collector SafeTrap Tissue Collector SURGICAL TUBING Levine Irrigation- Suction Kit ...OTOMED Suction Tubing SURGICAL DRAPES Glasscock OtologySurgery Drape
Glasscock Ear Dressing...
Glasscock Ear Dressing Kit, Adult Size ...Pad 1 - Cotton Ball 1 - Decal CAT. # PRODUCT QUANT ORDER S-1000
Otomed - Product Details
Otomed - Product Details
Glasscock NeurotologySurgery Drape Provides Fluid and ...into one practical solution. CAT. # PRODUCT QUANT ORDER SD-2200
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ORDER FORM: PRODUCTS & QUANTITIES CAT. # DESCRIPTION PRICE QUANTITY S-...00 Box of 6 SD-2100 Glasscock OtologySurgery Drape Details $178.00 ...Pkg of 1 Your Order Qty Product Cost Subtotal: $0.00 Minimum Order $...only to physicians, hospitals and medical