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liven up your recipes with tampico spices, the freshest, most aromatic and pungent spices and seasonings in the american west. we import exotic spices from the four corners of the world. then we sort, re-clean, grind, sift and blend the spices ourselves, always in small batches to ensure superior quality and freshness. tampico's spices, herbs and our increasingly popular seasoning blends are sold to a variety of market segments - for convenience and availability whether you're cooking for an intimate family gathering or an entire army!

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Year Established 1946

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Mouth-Watering Herbs and Spices Direct from the Growers to ...Blends Why are the Tampico Spice Companys herbs and ...home cooking. Large drums of bulk spices for food manufacturers, meat packers,
Food Service Spices Custom Spice Blenders Fresh Spice Blending
Mouth-Watering Herbs and Spices Direct from the Growers to Tampico to You...Service Categories Select Category: - Herbs & Spices - Salts - Chili Items - Onion & Garlic - ...Salts - Chili Items - Onion & Garlic - Spice Blends - Miscellaneous Food Service
chinese five spices Click to Enlarge Description:Chinese ...to Enlarge Description:Chinese Five Spice Blend. Item # Size 90199 200
Seasoning Blends Private Label Spices
Mouth-Watering Herbs and Spices Direct from the Growers to Tampico to You...Blends Seasoning Blends | Private Label Spices Whether you order one of ...spices? No problem. As experienced spice blenders we even have an
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Food service Spices - Miscellaneous Item # Name Size 80186

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