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(970) 842-5063

1104 W. Edison, Ste. C Brush, Colorado   80723 , USA

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General Info:

mortec chevrolet engine information, chevy v-8 casting numbers, bore and stroke, parts for sale, engine building, chevy restoration and racers.

Products & Services:

  • Chevy Engines
  • Chevrolet
  • Chevy Casting Number
  • Casting Number
  • Parts
  • Automotive Links
  • Big Block
  • Rat Motor
  • Mouse Motor
  • Crate Motors
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  • 348-409
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  • Stroke
  • Gm Performance Parts
  • Crankshaft Journal Sizes
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  • Mopar
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  • Tuning
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  • Restoration
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  • Crate
  • Motors
  • Codes
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  • Mortec
  • Boat
  • Santa Fe
  • New Mexico
  • Nm

Web Site Results

GM Crate Motors, Performance Parts
...does not sell GM Performance Parts. You can price and order ...listed in their catalog. Forged cranks, aluminum intakes, Vortec heads, Bowtie ...aluminum intakes, Vortec heads, Bowtie blocks, 18' heads, small
...machine shop. Make sure your crank will work in the block you have. Blocks were made for each ...Mains-2.76"-Rods-2.10" CHEVY BIG BLOCK V-8 Crankshaft Journal Sizes 366T 396
Block casting number & casting date
...casting numbers and codes on blocks and cylinder heads so we ...also be harder, especially the block casting numbers and casting dates ...and visa versa. Some times part of the number
...information about Chevy V-8 small and big block engines. They're in no ...the latest 2004 go phassssst parts from your friends at GM/...come with an internally balanced crank, four bolt
...casting number lists for small block, big block and 348-409 V-8 blocks, cranks and heads, we've got ...you are an engine builder, drag racer, circle track racer, boat

Company Profile:

Contact: 970-842-5063
Address: 1104 W. Edison, Ste. C
Brush, Colorado   80723 , USA
Url: http://www.mortec.com
Fax: 970-842-5061
Year Established: 1979
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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