exactrix produces top yields with the safest, most advanced pressure increasing direct injection nh3 system.
Year Established 1978

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Nitrogen Strategies For Corn
Nitrogen Stabilzation Quickly summarized......by the way I own no fertilizer company stock.......no chemical company stock......no secret checks come to me.......there is no economic advantage to me to promote any
Case International, SDX, Single Pass, Side Dress Return to MAIN page VIDEO: Case SDX upgraded to new seeding standards Case SDX 40 feet, 10 inch row space, 49 openers. The Exactrix engine
Phosphate efficiency...
Phosphate efficiency may limit yields in small grains. Return Home Phosphate efficiency may limit yields in small grains. Dark Northern Spring Wheat consumes twice as much placed P as winter wheat per bushel
Test Plot 2004 Peterson,...
Steve Peterson - Wheatfield, Indiana Click here for white paper November 17, 04, The Value Of More Uniform Nitrogen NH3 Application. Guy Swanson, Author, Steve Peterson Indiana Producer. Factors that affect the rate