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(330) 426-9433

600 E. Clark St. East Palestine, Ohio   44413 , USA

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General Info:

u.s. refractories - quality ceramics for industrial applications

Products & Services:

  • Electrical Insulators
  • Kiln Support Structures
  • Wear Resistant Applications
  • Ceramics
  • Refractories
  • Ceramic Ball Mill Liners
  • Casting
  • A-1
  • A-5
  • Alcast-99
  • B-47
  • H-8-f
  • K-9
  • M-19a
  • Pa-1
  • Pa-61
  • Porcelain
  • R-21
  • Superceram
  • Cordierite
  • Mullite
  • Alcast

Web Site Results

- Mullite: This composition is a cordierite-mullite mixture, with physical properties intermediate between regular cordierite and mullite. The thermal shock resistance is similar... rather tan to application. Maximum use temperature is 2150 F. R-21 Mullite: This refractory composition is recommended for applications requiring dimensional stability and good... importance. This material is supplied in both pressed and extruded forms. B-47 Mullite: A refractory composition combining cordierite and mullite and having the preferred properties...
Materials include mullites, cordierites, alumina, and porcelain Custom shapes to fit your application Temperatures to 3400 F Cast parts typically offer a more economical method...
. With a wide variety of materials available including Mullite, Cordierite, Alumina, and Porcelain, we can usually meet your most demanding requirements. 14 different size presses...

Company Profile:

Contact: 330-426-9433
Address: 600 E. Clark St.
East Palestine, Ohio   44413 , USA
Url: http://www.usrefractories.com
Fax: 330-426-1859
Year Established: 1913
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