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Allentown, Pennsylvania   18109 , USA


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weaver lure has been dedicated to the manufacture of quality fishing lure & tackle for over 15 years. our unique product is being used in many lakes + rivers in the u.s. we will stay commited to fair pricing & customer satisfaction.

Products & Services

  • Bucktail Spinners
  • Minnow Treader
  • Inline Spinner Bait
  • Inline Buzz Bait
  • Mini Latch
  • Rubber Bait Treader
  • Spoons
  • Sliding Minnow Rig
  • Crank Bait
  • Floating Minnow Rigs
  • Tube Baits
  • Spider Jigs
  • Floating Jig Heads
  • Ball Bearing Snap Swivels
  • Spinner Baits
  • Sculpin Rubber Baits
  • Snelled Treble Hooks
  • Snelled Bait Hooks
  • June Bug Spinners
  • Musted Hooks
  • Live Bait Threader
  • Spinner Harness
  • Trout Kit
  • Panfish Kit
  • Buzz Baits
  • Shimmer Buzz Baits
  • Shimmer Spinner Baits
  • Worm Rattles
  • Rubber Bait Fish With Spinner Blades
  • Jig Spinners
  • Spinner Bait Skirts
  • Living Rubber
  • Pegs And Floats
  • Fishing Lures
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Fishing Accessories
  • Fishing Equipment
Year Established 1998
Annual Sales Below US$1 Million

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Welcome to Weaver Lure
Rubber Bait Fish with Spinner Weaver Grabber Spinners Weaver Grabber Spoons Weaver Special ...and Jigging Style bait Rubber Baits Weaver ...Ball Bearing Snap Swivels Glass Worm Rattles Trout & Pan Fish Kits
Glass Worm Rattles
Back to Catalog Glass Worm Rattles These give your rubber bait a chance to make some noise. ...make some noise. Glass Worm Rattle This site created and hosted
Glass Worm Rattle
...number to order. Back Glass Worm Rattle Number GWRS GWRM SMRL Size
Trout Kit
...Hook Description 236131 10BBB0NBB66G10SBH10P Bucktail Spinner & Bucktail vary Nickel ball bearing ...Gold Weaver Grabber spoon Snelled bait hooks Weaver grabber
Welcome to Weaver Lure
...the famous Mini latch live bait threader, grabber spoons, spinners and many other fine fishing

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