dekoron/unitherm offers a complete line of heat control products consisting of pre-insulated tubing, electic trace, steam trace, flexible heated hose and accessories.

Products & Services

  • Dekoron
  • Unitherm
  • O'brien
  • Thermon
  • Heat Control
  • Electrically Heated Hose
  • Flexible Heated Hose
  • Flexible Heated Line
  • Heated Hose
  • Heated Sample Line
  • Heated Sample Umbilical
  • Heated Transfer Line
  • Heated Transfer Umbilical
  • Heated Umbilical
  • Heated Umbilical Line
  • Sample Umbilical
  • Electric Trace
  • Flexible Hose
  • Steam Trace
  • Traced Products
  • Cable
  • Control Cable
Year Established 1986

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