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(641) 623-5154

401-7 S. Front St. Montezuma, Iowa   50171 , USA

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General Info:

model airplane company - sig manufacturing for radio control, control line and free flight hobby model airplane kits, fuel, engines, hardward, wood, paint, adhesive, radios, hardware and accessories

Products & Services:

  • Model Airplane
  • Glow Engines
  • Gas Engines
  • Fuel
  • Balsa Wood
  • Bass
  • Hardware
  • Plywood
  • Radios
  • Hobby
  • Maple
  • Paint
  • Adhesive
  • Arf
  • Free Flight F/f
  • Radio Control R/c
  • Recreational
  • Control Line C/l
  • Biy

Web Site Results

Battery Case 1Instructionsfor assembly of Battery Case 1Glow Plug Clip 2Engine Wrenches 1Black Rubber Fuel Tubing4-1/2" long 1 - Plastic bag containing: 1Spool of Dacron Line 2Line... RUBBER FUEL TUBING is provided for putting fuel in the fuel tank. Slip the tubing onto the front of the FUELER and it is ready to use. STARTING THE ENGINE a. Close the needle valve... (turn clockwise). Do not force or over tighten the needle valve. After closing, open needle valve (turn counter clockwise) 3 turns. b. Fill the fuel tank. Fuel will flow out...
Accessories Engines-R/C 2 Cycle Glow & Gas Engines Engine Accessories Engine Parts Field Equipment-Fuel Starting Equipment Building Materials & Equipment-Covering Decals Glues Hand Tools Metal Paint Power Tools Wood Miscellaneous-Catalogs & Pamphlets Manufacturer List ...
Engines, Radio System Equipment, Hardware and Accessories for Model Airplanes, Balsa Wood, Basswood, Birch and Plywood, Adhesives, Paints and Glow Fuel for cars, airplanes...
125mm dia. (approx. 1 ) Tailwheel 12 dia. Spinner assembly 1260cc (8.7oz) Fuel Tank Assembly 1Left Wheel Pant 1Right Wheel Pant 17CA Hinges; for ailerons (9), elevator (6), rudder (3...) 110mm Hardwood Wing Joiner 13mm Plywood Aileron Servo Tray 18mm x 20mm x 76mm Balsa; Fuel Tank Retainer 210mm x 124mm Balsa Triangle; Rudder Fairings 13mm x 15mm x 23mm Plywood... 46-32 x 1-1/4 bolts, washers & lock nuts: Motor to mount 1Propeller to match motor used 29 Medium Silicone fuel tubing 21cm x 8cm x 20cm Foam Rubber; for radio packing ASSEMBLING...
-5, F-6 and F-7. j. Glue the 3/16" top stringers into formers notches. . 2. FUEL TANK Install the fuel tank in the model at this time. Drill a 3/16" dia. hole in the firewall... to poke the fuel outlet tube of the tank thru. Be certain that the fuel outlet tube will be along the outboard side of the fuselage. Epoxy the tank to the motor mounts and fuselage... planking large enough to allow fuel tubing to be slipped over the brass outlet tubes. Bevel the extensions as shown on the plan to prevent siphoning. Use silicone seal (G.E. SILICONE...

Company Profile:

Contact: 641-623-5154
Address: 401-7 S. Front St.
Montezuma, Iowa   50171 , USA
Url: http://www.sigmfg.com
Fax: 641-623-3922
Year Established: 1951
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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