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(641) 623-5154

401-7 S. Front St. Montezuma, Iowa   50171 , USA

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General Info:

model airplane company - sig manufacturing for radio control, control line and free flight hobby model airplane kits, fuel, engines, hardward, wood, paint, adhesive, radios, hardware and accessories

Products & Services:

  • Model Airplane
  • Glow Engines
  • Gas Engines
  • Fuel
  • Balsa Wood
  • Bass
  • Hardware
  • Plywood
  • Radios
  • Hobby
  • Maple
  • Paint
  • Adhesive
  • Arf
  • Free Flight F/f
  • Radio Control R/c
  • Recreational
  • Control Line C/l
  • Biy

Web Site Results

blocks the ports. Squirt several drops of fuel into the exhaust ports. Flip the propeller over 3-4 times to work the fuel into the engine. . d. Connect the glow plug clip... to the glow head of the engine. The bottom of the clip should rest on top of the glow head. ENGINE TROUBLESHOOTING CHART WHAT YOU SEEAND HEAR WHAT TOLOOK FOR WHAT YOU SHOULD DO WILL NOT... RUNNING ENGINE - SLUGGISH WEAK POWER. Loose glow head. Tighten glow head with wrench. Engine set too rich or too lean. Re-adjust needle valve. e. Start the engine. Wind the propeller...
Accessories Engines-R/C 2 Cycle Glow & Gas Engines Engine Accessories Engine Parts Field Equipment-Fuel Starting Equipment Building Materials & Equipment-Covering Decals Glues Hand Tools Metal Paint Power Tools Wood Miscellaneous-Catalogs & Pamphlets Manufacturer List ...
and supplier of R/C Radio Control, C/L Control Line and F/F Free Flight Recreational Model Airplanes, both BIY Build It Yourself and ARF Almost Ready to Fly. We also supply Gas Engines, Glow... Engines, Radio System Equipment, Hardware and Accessories for Model Airplanes, Balsa Wood, Basswood, Birch and Plywood, Adhesives, Paints and Glow Fuel for cars, airplanes... specially formulated to meet the tough demands of building and repairing model airplanes. This new KADET LT-40EG is the latest ARF rendition of America's favorite R/C trainer, now redesigned to fly with glow or electric power. ...
Kadet LT-40 ARF Model Airplane
to fly with either a .40-.46 size glow engine or a 500-watt electric power system. For GLOW POWER use a.40 - .46 cu. in. 2-Stroke or .40 - .54 cu. in. 4-Stroke Engine For ELECTRIC... the Aviastar .46 2 Stroke Glow Engine Glow Engine Specifications Displacement .46 in3 ( 7.53 cm3 ) Bore .886 in ( 22.5 mm ) Stroke .756 in ( 19.2 mm ) Practical RPM 1 900 to 16 000... of America's favorite R/C trainer. Fly with Glow or Electric Power With the addition of a rugged fiberglass cowling and some changes in the fuselage construction, this new ARF is ready...
into the fuselage. Also use silicone seal around the fuel feed tube at the front of the firewall. Sig Heat Proof Fuel Tubing will not harden in glow fuel, so if it is used... mounts and epoxy 4-40 blind nuts in place. 9. COWLING a. Assemble the engine cowling by first matching up the two halves by gently rubbing over a sheet of sandpaper laying on a flat... to be removed. Once the preliminary openings are made, the edges can be trimmed to exact shape with a X-Acto knife. g. Mount the engine on the fuselage. Slip the cowl in place and attach...

Company Profile:

Contact: 641-623-5154
Address: 401-7 S. Front St.
Montezuma, Iowa   50171 , USA
Url: http://www.sigmfg.com
Fax: 641-623-3922
Year Established: 1951
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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