23522 W. Farmington Rd.
Farmington, Illinois   61531 , USA

Fax: 309-245-5126

Products & Services

  • Sawmill Hydraulics
  • Inc Helle Sawmill Equipment
  • Scragg Mills
  • Feeds
  • Carriages
  • Log Turners
  • Setworks
  • Vertical Edgers
  • Double End Trimmers
  • Computerized Setworks
  • Drag Chain
  • Pumping Unit
  • Saw Cabs
  • Electric Controls
  • Sawmills
Year Established 1963
Annual Sales US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

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Setworks" replacement for your exsisting setworks. We are now offering a small, ...are now offering a small, compact unit that will effectively replace your ...effectively replace your existing other computerized setworks easily and
Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc Helle Sawmill Equipment, Sawmill Machinery,...
...duty), Automatic Carriage Drives (Feedworks), Vertical Edgers, Log Turners, Drag Chain, Sawyer's ...Mills. Mobile Mills. Drop Belts, Computerized Setworks (HELLE TECH I & II, SAWTECH
The Total Tech Setworks
TOTAL-TECH Setworks - 8 Sets - 8 Stack & Fill Patterns - 8 Call ...and Rugged Transducer For The Edger Saws - Our Competition Uses A Fragile ...Automatically sets the carriage and vertical edger for your preset board width. 4
Vertical Edger
The HELLE Vertical Edger The story of the HELLE ...the name Helle. All HELLE Edgers Have: Electric over Hydraulic control ...Electric over Hydraulic control Automatic Setworks Type "DI" Double Roller Bearings 5/8