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(888) 556-1531

1003 South Maple Salem, Illinois   62881 , USA

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General Info:

Safe Sheds, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of above ground steel reinforced concrete storm shelters that meet FEMA 361/ICC 500 standards and provide near perfect protection in the face of EF5 tornadoes.

Products & Services:

  • Tornado Shelter
  • Hurricane Shelter
  • Safe Room
  • Hardened Server Room
  • Secure Tool Storage
  • Commercial Storm Shelter
  • Residential Storm Shelter
  • Survivor Shelter
  • Prepper Shelter
  • Eow Shelter
  • Shtf Shelter
  • Bugout Shelter

Web Site Results

or email your questions to support@safesheds.com. storm shelters We are proud members of the following organizations:National Storm Shelter AssociationBetter Business Bureau Storm... set about studying thestandards put forth in FEMA's publication 320 onresidential safe rooms and storm shelters and designed an above ground unit that could bedelivered... to the customers site in a turn key fashion.Since the founding of the company,our storm shelters have been sold throughout most of the US. We strive to provide a great product...

Company Profile:

Contact: 888-556-1531
Address: 1003 South Maple
Salem, Illinois   62881 , USA
Url: http://www.safesheds.com
Fax: 618-740-0044
Year Established: 2003
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