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Aurora, Missouri   65605 , USA

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General Info:

stoops manufacturing company, service supplies especially designed for the ministry of jehovah's witnesses.

Products & Services:

  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Service
  • Service Supplies
  • Brief Bags
  • Bibles
  • Bible
  • Magazine
  • Magazine Holder
  • Magazine Organizer
  • Tract Holder
  • Facing The Lion
  • Unholy Fathers

Web Site Results

Deluxe Magnetic Attendants Badge Holder  2010 Attendant Above Badge
...Many of you are familiar with the Magazine Day Organizer. It makes it easy to ...It makes it easy to organize your magazines, tracts, records, donations, and even your Bible.
...to carry easier than the much larger Magazine Day Organizer. Check it out here. Available
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