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Saugus, Massachusetts   01906 , USA

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General Info:

room pressure indicators and alarms for monitoring thedirection of airflow into or out of a room. used in hospitals, labs, prisons, animal facilities, cleanrooms, anywhere you want to see air direction/room pressurization into or out of the room.

Products & Services:

  • Ball In Tube
  • Ball-in-tube
  • Differential Pressure Indicator
  • Negative Room Pressure
  • Room Pressure
  • Pressure Indicator
  • Pressure Monitor
  • Ping Pong Ball

Web Site Results

Healthcare Reference Table Lists the recommended room pressurizations (directional airflow) for rooms in a Healthcare Facility. Laboratory Reference Table Lists the recommended room... pressurizations for rooms in a laboratory and Animal Resource Facility. ASHRAE Feb/2003 reprint "ROOM PRESSURE FOR CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTS" Describes the recommended differential... for supply and exhaust airflows in critical rooms such as healthcare isolation and protective rooms. AJIC Paper on Room Pressure/Airflow Direction Indicators Independent article...
AIRFLOW DIRECTION, INC. PRODUCTS VISUAL ONLY INDICATORS Switchable Pressure Mode Rooms MODEL ADI-69-V-CURVE Use this model when the facility will not be providing their own staff... Direction Into or Out of Room) Great for Animal Facilities or Rooms that may be frequently switched between negative and positive pressure modes. The ADI-69-V-CURVE is a curved tube... is typically used when the end-user has their own signage to indicate the desired room pressure mode. The two magnetic backed labels can be used instead of the yellow label. The end-user...
ADI-69-V-N/P: This unit has a straight tube that requires the tilt of the tube and the color of the ball to be MANUALLY changed each time the room pressure mode is changed. The... and changing of the ball each time the room pressure mode is changed. Model ADI-69-V-CURVE: This unit has a curved tube with the low point at the bottom of the tube which is located... pressure mode changes. Possible Disadvantages: The ability to see the ball from the other side in a failed mode. For example, if the room is in negative mode and the room pressure...
Room Pressure Monitor Indicator Airflow Direction Negative or... RESOURCE CENTER Homepage Products Applications Contact Us DESIGN & INSTALLATION RESOURCES "How-It-Works" Movie... & Technical Bulletins INFORMATIVE TECHNICAL BULLETINS ASHE 2010 Guidelines & ADI Room Pressure Frame-of-Reference (How to choose a negative or positive indicator for a room) Smoke... Transmission Through Openings in Healthcare Patient Room Walls ASHRAE Room Pressure Design Article Minimum Room Pressure & ADI'S Indictors Fire Rated Walls & ADI Switchable...
Room Pressure Monitor Indicator Airflow Direction Negative or... AIRFLOW DIRECTION INCORPORATED Yes .... We Sell Direct ! MANUFACTURER OF THE ORIGINAL BALL-IN-THE-WALLROOM... PRESSURE MONITOR PATENT PENDING ...incorporating ADI'S BAULIN-TUBE Technology HOSPITALS: Isolation Rooms, Construction/Renovation Barriers, Operating Rooms & Pharmacy LABS: Vivariums..., Animal Resource Facilities, BSL2, BSL3 MANUFACTURING: Cleanrooms, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, and more... BUILT-IN FAILSAFE OPERATION! ... simply open the room door to see...
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