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Overview of ProSet Penetration...
...water-resistant. Our Water Guard sleeves are rigorously tested to be ...waterproof. Our Penetrators also allow pipe expansion and contraction and reduce ...Guides listing common types of pipes and openings passing
Water Guard Sleeves
...and Architects to provide waterproof pipe penetrations. Because of the massive ...and waterproofing. The regular ProSet sleeves that have been used for ...Penetrations for a Wide Variety of Pipes Above are two
ProSet Systems - Tip and Tricks
...layouts, material handling and DWV pipe prefabrication. ProSet s has a prefabrication system ...ProSet Technique for Layout of Sleeves that Precisely Matches Design The
General Specification,... need to develop a specification. Sleeves and Firestopping Use ProSet "Firestop used for all applicable pipe penetrations and plumbing fixture floor ...cast iron or copper DWV pipes for stacks and
Specialty Drain Systems
...through this special receptor. A perforated pipe, which drains the residual level,