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Madison, Mississippi
we provide a service application process of antimicrobial micro-coating the bonds to any surface (wood, fabric, stone, granite, metal, plastic, etc.) the ...
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Nashville, Tennessee
endotoxin, lipopolysacharide, toxin, lal, sepsis, bacteremia, factor c, protein, peptide, assay, removal, neutralization, binding, extraction, couple, ...
  • Biodtech Inc

San Antonio, Texas
welcome to colloidal silver by cs pro - since 1990over 15 years of satisfied customers, worldwide.
  • Cs Pro Systems

Athens, Texas
textile finishing, fabric finishing, flame retardant, fire retardant, coating and laminating, flame and stain, flameproof, flame resistant fabric, stain ...
  • Schneider-banks, Inc.

Santa Clara, California
aids, anti-microbial, bactericidal, biocide, blood borne pathogens, broad-spectrum disinfectant, campylobacter jejuni, candida albicans, clean and disinfect ...
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Arlington, Virginia
  • Aerobiological Solutions, Inc.

Dallas, Texas
biotechnology solutions, biotechnological products for agriculture, medicine and the environment.
  • Biological Targets, Inc

Palmyra, New York
shieldex trading (formerly manufacturer of plated textile fabrics, yarns and fillers with silver, copper, nickel and tin.
  • V Technical Textiles Inc

Morristown, Tennessee
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Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Nashville, Tennessee
  • Biodtech Inc

Florence, South Carolina
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Monticello, Iowa
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals

Hightstown, New Jersey
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Conroe, Texas
water testing, laboratory, blood testings, drug testing, biological indicators, validation studies, health and wellness, total coliform, nova biologicals, ...
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