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(865) 483-7690

1005 Alvin Weinberg Dr, Oak Ridge, Tennessee   378308017 , USA

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Corporate Profile Comstock Inc. is a US manufacturer with worldwide sales of scientific instrumentation for applications in research and analysis in the physical, chemical, and biological sciences. Comstock specializes in time-of-flight mass spectrometers and spherical sector electrostatic energy an...
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Additional Information About Comstock Contacting Comstock Related Links Journal Articles by Comstock's Customers Comstock Inc.1005 Alvin Weinberg DriveOak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 USATelephone: 865-483-7690 Fax: 865-481-3884e-mail: SalesInfo ...
Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers Linear, Reflectron, MALDI, Laser Desorption, Laser Photoionization, Electron Impact Ionization, miniTOF II, product descriptions, photos, specifications, spectra. Spherical Sector Electrostatic Energy Analyzers Analyzers for the energy measurement of charged specie...
Spherical Sector Electrostatic Energy Analyzers Comstock offers a series of spherical sector electrostatic energy analyzers (ESA's) from small sizes for tight spaces to larger sizes for high energy resolution or throughput. Features: High energy resolution Double focussing All UHV compatible materia...

Company Profile:

Contact: 865-483-7690
Address: 1005 Alvin Weinberg Dr
Oak Ridge, Tennessee   378308017 , USA
Url: http://www.comstockinc.com
Fax: 423-481-3884
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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