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(877) 955-7711

2150 E Manhatton Dr, Tempe, Arizona   85282 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Secure Digital Photo Management Software
  • Digital Photo
  • Photo Management

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for Public Safety Client/Server/Web Apps (self-hosted) Go To NEW WEBSITE Click Here Secure Digital Photo Management Software Walk your projects anywhere, anytime right from your pc...) Acquire and Quick Acquire Manage Search Communicate You're already taking digital photos... let LYNX do the rest. Walk through your projects "visually" in real time via the Internet...LYNXPM Digital Photo ManagementHomeHome LynxPM for Construction Client/Server/Web Apps (self-hosted) LynxPM Online for Construction Online Subscription Service (hosted) LynxPM...
project, a local database would be installed at the jobsite to upload, annotate and manage the projects digital photos. The Remote License is ideal for jobsites that may not have... manually or automatically) so that all project sites and headquarters are up to date on their project photos. For the same cost as opening a Project License on the Web, at $1,850.00...
Digital Photo Management System requires the following minimum requirements: IBM PC or compatible, Pentium III, 1.6 GHz or greater (Pentium 4, 2 GHz or higher recommended). Microsoft...

Company Profile:

Contact: 877-955-7711
Address: 2150 E Manhatton Dr
Tempe, Arizona   85282 , USA
Url: http://www.lynxpm.com
Fax: 602-532-7096
Year Established: 1996
Business Type: Service
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