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1 866 396 1016

900 Hoo St Wheaton, Maryland   20902 , USA

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General Info:

1)distributor of invisible locks 2) installer of specialty locks, access control,cctv

Products & Services:

  • Remock Lockey Invisible Lock

Web Site Results

what is Remock Lockey? a new security lock with out any exterior elements such as a key hole or key pad or any other means of entering. There are no stickers or other warnings identifying the invisible lock. the lock is installed on the interior side of the door and locked/unlocked via remote contro...
HELLO...WE ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED! on each of these doors is a brand new - revolutionary type of lock. *KEY-LESS *PICK *BUMP* DRILL PROOF Raiseyour hand if you can spot this new lock.... haha! the lock is 100% STEALTH ( invisible from the exterior). Since you can not see this lock guess who else ...
kit includes 1@ lock unit, brackets, 4 @remotes, 2@AA bateries, instructions each kit is $395.00 plus 10 shipping and 6% sells tax in MD transfer to secure gateway or ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 1 866 396 1016
Address: 900 Hoo St
Wheaton, Maryland   20902 , USA
Url: http://www.techno-mall.com
Year Established: 2002
Business Type: Retail & Dealer,Service
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