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(765) 661-0035

1893 S Western Ave, Marion, Indiana   46953-2821 , USA

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E M P L O Y E E S Chuck comes to us from Roanoke, Virginia. He worked for us as a student at IWU back in 1992. He returned to Indiana in 2009 and we were happy to have him back. Chuck is our fish geek and loves problem solving. If you've been in the store, you know Sarah and Sarah knows you. She lov...
S M A L L A N I M A L C A R E S H E E T S Ferrets Gerbils Guinea Pigs Hamsters Mice Rabbits Rats H E A L T H A N D N U T R I T I O N Illnesses, Symptoms, and Treatments Copyright 2012 Art in Motion Pets ...
Call us any time of day at 765-860-7117 Grayson Web Development 2424 S 300 W Peru, IN 46970 Send an email to: Ryan Grayson at ryangrayson@gmail.com grayson web development ...
Feeding Iguanas and Other Herbivores The following charts show the total quantity of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A and C in 1 cup portions of selected foods. The total milligram amount of calcium is important when selecting a food; however, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is also important. ...
B I R D C A R E S H E E T - Printer-Friendly Version Canaries Canaries are the perfect pet for anyone who wants to simply enjoy just watching their beautiful pet bird jump about actively and to listen to the males literally sing their hearts out. Their song is so lovely and sweet that it is truly ha...

Company Profile:

Contact: 765-661-0035
Address: 1893 S Western Ave
Marion, Indiana   46953-2821 , USA
Url: http://artinmotionpets.com
Fax: 765-662-8053
Year Established: 1991
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