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Federal Financing SFC's core business is providing leasing and financing for equipment and software, primarily to vendors selling into the government marketplace. Federal financing is particularly difficult for vendors due to the onerous terms of the government.Firm term, noncancelable contracts, wh...
Systems Finance Corporation Founded in 1991, Systems Finance Corporation (SFC) is a privately held financing company which specializes in providing leasing and financing services to state, local and federal governments and associated entities. SFC focuses on government financing, and has mastered th...
Software Financing Software financing offers some particular challenges in the government marketplace. Almost all government leases can be terminated for non-appropriation of funds, whether federal, state or local, and the conventional wisdom is that, in the event of a termination, the lessor will a...
Financing for Schools (K-12) Out of all of the government entities, including federal agencies, city and county governments, state agencies, etc., the government group under the most financial pressure is the K-12 public school system. Voters are resistant to tax hikes, and there is a need to modern...
Vendor Financing There is an inherent advantage to any vendor who offers not only his products but also the means to acquire them. Vendor financing can be said to be a partnership between a vendor and a financing source, designed to increase the sales of the vendor's products. The logical reason for...

Company Profile:

Contact: 316-733-6010
Address: 14125 Pinnacle Dr
Wichita, Kansas   67230-1549 , USA
Url: http://www.systemsfinancecorporation.com
Fax: 316-733-6090
Year Established: 1991
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