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708-479-4473 x1

19425 Everett Ln Mokena, Illinois   60448-7860 , USA

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Demo Unit Portable design easily carries for demonstration. User Manual 2002 Pure-Pro USA Corporation, All rights reserved. ...
RO Super Pump with Booster.
SUPER PUMP The Worlds First Integrated RO Booster Pump Super Pump is a revolutionary new design. Designed for where feed water has very low water pressure (under 45psi) or where the source water contains higher than normal amounts of dissolved solids. Easily upgrade your RO production from 50 gallon...
Hydrogen Rich Water No products found in this category. 2002-2007 Pure-Pro USA Corporation, All rights reserved. ...
TDS Meter Large and easy-to-read LCD screen. with carrying case Is Your Water Really Pure? A TDS meter is a "MUST HAVE" if using reverse osmosis system. Otherwise you will not know if it is working correctly. Test TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels of water anywhere, anytime! Features: Ideal for co...
UV STERILIZER & REPLACEMENT BULBS Part Number:UK-400 Price:$89.99Shipping:$6.95 High Grade PVC UV Sterilizer Length - 10.5", dia - 1.950" / 650g LAMP CAPACITY : 4 W LAMP SERVICE LIFE : 30,000 hr IN & OUT TUBE OD : 1/4" (one touch connector) 0.5 GPM Capacity Part Number:UK-400B Price:$29.95Sh...

Company Profile:

Contact: 708-479-4473 x1
Address: 19425 Everett Ln
Mokena, Illinois   60448-7860 , USA
Url: http://www.pureprousa.com
Fax: 708-479-4332
Year Established: 1999
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