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(410) 472-9112

16234 Yeoho Rd Sparks, Maryland   21152-9544 , USA

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General Info:

Marine construction company based in Baltimore, Maryland. We build design , piers ,bulkheads, boat lifts, floating piers and stone revetments

Products & Services:

  • Bulkheads
  • Pile Driving
  • Piers
  • Mooring Pile
  • Floating Pier
  • Stone Revenment
  • Boat Lifts

Web Site Results

bulkheads Bulkheads T.Allen Marine builds and installs a variety of wood, vinyl and steel material. Depending on the height, a bulkhead can be a major structural endeavor. Proper... construction methods are very important. If not done properly bulkheads can be a financial nightmare to fix. Name Email Phone Comments T. ALLEN MARINE CONSTRUCTION LLC | P.O. BOX...
in the best equipment to make sure your waterfront property stays in place. Remember, your pier or bulkhead is not covered by your insurance company. Therefore, make sure your newley... built pier or bulkhead is installed properly. Name Email Phone Comments T. ALLEN MARINE CONSTRUCTION LLC | P.O. BOX 387 | STEVENSVILLE, MD 21666 | OFFICE: (410) 643-5935 | FAX: (410...
stone revetment
Rip-Rap revetment Stone Revetment If you don t have a pre-existing vertical bulkhead, then stone is one of your options. Stone is durable, and very effective combating erosion...
quality docks, piers, bulkheads, Rip-Rap revetment and boat lifts for both residential and commercial projects. We have the experience and the equipment needed for your foundation...

Company Profile:

Contact: 410-472-9112
Address: 16234 Yeoho Rd
Sparks, Maryland   21152-9544 , USA
Url: http://www.tallenmarine.com
Fax: 410-472-9120
Year Established: 2004
Business Type: Contruction & Contractor
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