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(910) 423-8400

502 Parks Mcmillan Dr Raeford, North Carolina   28376-7723 , USA

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General Info:

Provide specialized training and unconventional scenarios to US Military personnel in preparation for combat tours as part of the GWOT.

Products & Services:

  • Special Ops Training
  • Special Training
  • Advanced Special Ops
  • Human Intelligence
  • Unconventional Ops
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Security
  • Insurgency Training
  • Surveillance
  • Detection

Web Site Results

View on Mobile Home About Contact Reservoir International, LLC. Current Mission UNCLASSIFIED IMAGES Reservoir International s core function is organizational training... in the intricate fields of Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Advanced Special Operations (ASO) and Unconventional Warfare (UW): a core function born of the belief that challenging and relevant... training in these fields is vital to the survival and success of this Nation s warriors. Inherent to the company's structure is an agility that enables it to bring superior training...

Company Profile:

Contact: 910-423-8400
Address: 502 Parks Mcmillan Dr
Raeford, North Carolina   28376-7723 , USA
Url: http://www.reservoir-intl.com/
Fax: 910-401-1109
Year Established: 2005
Business Type: Service
Ownership: Veteran owned
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