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(951) 940-6068

363 W 3rd St Perris, California   92570-2072 , USA

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General Info:

We manufacture custom office partitions and room divider walls

Products & Services:

  • Boxspring Frames
  • Cafeteria Fixtures
  • Chair Seats
  • Countertops Wood Or Plastics Laminated
  • Fixtures
  • Store Display
  • Lockers
  • Shelving
  • Showcases
  • Stands Merchandise Display
  • Store Display Fixtures
  • Telephone Booths
  • Chair Glides
  • Counter Units
  • Display Cases And Fixtures
  • Furniture Frames And Parts
  • Furniture Frames
  • Wood
  • Furniture Parts
  • Finished Metal
  • Furniture Parts
  • Finished Plastics
  • Furniture Parts
  • Finished Wood
  • Mail Carrier Cases And Tables
  • Wood
  • Partitions
  • Partitions
  • Freestanding
  • Postal Service Lock Boxes
  • Sleeper Mechanisms
  • Convertible Bed

Web Site Results

LC Enterprises manufactures custom office panels and partition... Sample layouts Layouts 1 Layouts 2 Layouts 3 Layouts 4 Layouts 5 Layouts 6 Layouts 7 Layouts 8 Back home Big... any side. Special Patterns Tie dyed, snake skin, fur, palm trees, etc. We can probably get, whatever surface/pattern you desire. LC partitions are lightweight and waterfriendly.... LC partition systems assemble/disassemble faster than any other system. 8. More versatile; all sides connect, they can be even be stacked. 9. LC panels look good. 10. Waterfriendly...
Screenflex panels, free shipping Portafab Iceberg at Office 1000 Steelcase Panels National Partitions Partitions at MSN Ergo in Demand Maxon at buyonlinenow Panels at Clean Sweep... feet of 6 foot high partitioning per classroom Multiple fabric/vinyl styles and colors Self closing doors with catches on Single and Double models Recessed door handles on Single... (maybe 45). 10) Coffee/cappucino machine built into cubicle wall Whether called office walls, office panels, office partitions, or just "panels", These interior separators will allow...
Used Overstock Partitions 363 W 3rd St., Perris, CA 92570 (951) 940 6068 Business, (951) 657 0180 Facsimile Email us! Overstock and used panels 3 LC Panels 48"x72" two tone, white...
to compliment a great office partition system is to add ergomic chairs. Anything that can be done to increase the comfort of your employees will reduce discomfort distractions, and potentionally increase productivity. ...
the LC office partition systems. These seats ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort. Better comfort means increased productivity. Great fitting cubicles... backaches, wrist tingling, sore bottoms, or uncomfortable armrests can become big issues. When your partition system isolates you from the world, your body aches become your new...

Company Profile:

Contact: 951-940-6068
Address: 363 W 3rd St
Perris, California   92570-2072 , USA
Url: http://www.lcenterprises.com
Fax: 951-657-0180
Year Established: 1997
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