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(413) 594-5190

102 1st Avenue, Chicopee, Massachusetts   01020-4621 , USA

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General Info:

Manufacturer and distributor of Electronic Percussion Musical Instruments including the KAT product line.

Products & Services:

  • Electric Musical Instruments
  • Musical
  • Keyboards
  • Musical Instrument Accessories
  • Musical Instruments
  • Percussion Musical Instruments
  • Synthesizers
  • Vibraphones
  • Xylophones
  • Marimbas
  • Drums
  • Kat
  • Mallet
  • Mallets
  • Malletkat
  • Drumkat
  • Trapkat
  • Pankat

Web Site Results

 LAZULI - Alternate Mode Artist
Electronic Drums, MIDI Mallet Percussion from Alternate Mode - KAT Home Return Home Join Our Mailing List AlternateMode.com Tour our Virtual Katalog KAT Artists See some... MODE MISSION STATEMENT Welcome to the Alternate Mode Website! It is our desire to make to the worlds most musical, powerful and responsive drum and mallet controllers ever created.... Whether you play the marimba or the vibes, acoustic drums or any other percussion or electronic percussion instrument, we want to create new tools of expression for you to enjoy...
are digital, not analog. This ensures that the communications will be exact. The expression close enough for rock-and-roll doesnt apply here. If you want to hear a snare drum..., but some of the time hear a bass drum instead, because they are close to each other in the note table, youd get upset. Digital gives you exactly what you asked for. The signals... Pads of your trapKAT to send on the same Channel as your sound source is set to receive on. Most commonly used Channel for drum sounds is Channel 10. So, to get your sound source...
this answer. The trapKAT is an electronic musical instrument that was designed to take a pounding - from a pair of drum sticks - not from rolling down the stairs. Simply use good... the cracks in between the pads. Like an acoustic drum head the tension of the rubber playing surface may need adjustment from time to time. You received a small allen wrench (5/64...
for my drum module when using the inHEAD/onHEAD? What does DEFAULT pad do on the drumKAT? What are the sensors in the inHEAD/onHEAD? What does SOUND ADV pad do on the drumKAT? Can I...
to select other groups of drum sounds or other pitched sounds. See p.31-34 in the trapKAT manual. Related Questions What are MIDI Basics? Attachments No attachments were found. Powered by ActiveKB Knowledgebase Software ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 413-594-5190
Address: 102 1st Avenue
Chicopee, Massachusetts   01020-4621 , USA
Url: http://www.alternatemode.com
Fax: 413-592-7987
Year Established: 1996
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