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(810) 327-6247

P.o. Box 611107, Port Huron, Michigan   48061 , USA

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General Info:

Tube bending, End Forms, Round, Square, & sheet metal fabrication Prototype to Production

Products & Services:

  • Tube
  • Bending
  • Fabrication
  • Round Tube
  • Square Tube. Steel
  • Aluminum
  • . Aluminized. Galvanized
  • Strutual & Mechanical
  • Tube & Shape Rolling. Welding. Cnc Bending
  • Cnc Machining. All Sizes And Materials.
  • Coopertube.com

Web Site Results

Large Pipe & Beam Bending... Tubing, Bending, Rolling, Coiling Fabrication Easy Way & Hard Way Our large size rolling and bending facilities are available for all of your... of experience is available and we are looking forward to continue to service your current and future requirements. We welcome the opportunity to supply your Tube, Pipe & Structural steel bending and fabricating requirements. Please submit a quote to see our competitive pricing ...
Tube Bending - Prototype... Tube Bending Click image for close-up Custom bent, fabricated and finished to your specifications Strengths More than 40 years experience producing...) through .375" (95 mm), plus double wall, heavy wall materials, including solid stock. Bending Mandrel Compression Die / Press Bending Welding T.I.G. M.I.G. Spot Gas Brazing End...
Cooper & Cooper Sales - Tube Bending Prototype and Production Prototype & Production, Metal Parts Cooper & Cooper Sales Incorporated 1982 We are your Source for quality metal... product development. From prototype to production we can meet all of your needs. Tube Bending - Prototype & Production Several experienced sources in tube bending available up to 10..." O.D. for your component requirements. Pre-bends for hydroformers. Hydroforming single and two-stage with production support capabilities. Bending: mandrel and compression. Welding...
. Tubular components, Bends, End Forms & Flanges are one of our specialties. CNC Mills water jet and laser cutting offer competitive products. This resource site supports our stock... items, and quick JIT manufacturing. We also welcome your custom bending projects. Please submit a quote to see our competitive pricing All Bending, Fabricating, Rolling & Coiling All... Material Types and Sizes Tube Bend Angles 45, 90 & 180 End Forms, Welding & Brazing Round Rectangular and Square Tubing & Flanges Mechanical & Structural shapes fabricated Heavy...
Bend Diagram
: Special requests: Timing requirements: D = Please Select One -----> Round Square Tube Diameter W = R = Wall Thickness Centerline Radius A = M = Degree of Bend Angle Type of Material L1 = L2 = Min Leg Length Min Leg Length Q = O = Quanity Other ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 810-327-6247
Address: P.o. Box 611107
Port Huron, Michigan   48061 , USA
Url: http://www.coopertube.com
Fax: 810-327-6016
Year Established: 1980
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