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33 Paterson St Paterson, New Jersey   07501 , USA

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General Info:

Activated Carbon and related filtration equipment. Onsite spent carbon change-out and reactivation services. Carbon filters of all sizes for both vapor and liquid filtration. Custom design and engineering services available.

Products & Services:

  • Activated Carbon
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Carbon Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Water Filters
  • Remediation Services

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cylinders and larger adsorbers. These carbon water filters cover a complete range of different flow rates and pressure requirements. General Carbon can also engineer, design... Filtration Equipment The General MP-55 TL-MP TL-Series J-Series FRP-Series HP-Series GC Bag Filter Housings Water Pollution Control Barrels Medium Pressure Liquid Adsorber Medium... of activated carbon made from coal, coconut shell and wood for most liquid phase applications. These include acid washed activated carbon for drinking water and food grade...
The General
that attracts and holds free oil. The less soluble a compound is in water, the better GC Oil-Kleen will work. When used as a pretreatment for activated carbon, Oil-Kleen can greatly extend... or in 55, 85 and 110 gallon treatment units. These filters come complete with internal plumbing and are ready for installation. If larger flow rate systems are needed, please... contact our office. Filter Specifications 55 Gallon 85 Gallon 110 Gallon A Diameter, Outside: 24 28 32 B Height, Outside: 35 39 43 Inlet Fitting: C 1 FPT C 1 FPT C 1.5 FPT Outlet Fitting...
for these chemicals, but is very cost effective for treating large volumes of air or water to remove dilute concentrations of contamination. For a better perspective, when individuals ingest...? Organic chemicals are attracted to carbon the best. Very few inorganic chemicals will be removed by carbon. the molecular weight, polarity, solubility in water, temperature... for air and water. The design is engineered for loading (amount of fluid per area cross section), contact time (a minimum contact time is needed to insure required removal) and pressure...
, activated alumina specially designed with a proprietary additive for the removal of arsenic from water. The GC Filtral-AS media is typically able to remove two to three times... liquid-phase treatment units. These filters come complete with internal plumbing and are ready for installation. Chemical Analysis Weight % Al2O3 & Fe Promoter: 90 TiO2: 0.002...
with an internal bladder wrapped in fiberglass, these filament wound vessels are ideal for filtration using activated carbon, resins or other filter media. Food grade internals..., the unit should be filled with clean water through the bottom collector, and allowed to degas for 8-12 hours if possible. Backwashing the carbon is recommended to remove carbon fines... our office. When preparing the unit for service, you need to drain as much water as possible from the vessel. CAUTION! Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air causing...

Company Profile:

Contact: 973-523-2223
Address: 33 Paterson St
Paterson, New Jersey   07501 , USA
Url: https://www.generalcarbon.com
Fax: 973-523-1494
Year Established: 1957
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