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(858) 224-6666

6330 Nancy Ridge Dr Ste 106, San Diego, California   92121-3230 , USA

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MyAML™ is a CLIA- and CAP-validated next generation sequencing assay which identifies clinically actionable, pathogenic, and potentially pathogenic mutations in 194 genes associated with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). MyAML identifies single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertion-deletion variants (indels) and the entire range of structural variants, including partial tandem duplications (PTDs) and translocations - even those involving novel fusion gene partners. Coupling comprehensive gene coverage with enhanced depth of coverage, long read lengths, and the power of Genection's proprietary MyInformatics™ bioinformatics and annotation database, MyAML identifies the underlying somatic mutations that are present in as low as 5% allelic frequency. Test results, including variants recommended in the NCCN guidelines, are provided in an easy to understand report.

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  • Biological Laboratories
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  • Blood Analysis Laboratories
  • Cytology Health Laboratories
  • Dna Testing Laboratories
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Genection enables you to correctly diagnose diseases to make accurate life-changing medical decisions for your patients. Find a Genetic Test Partner with a Counselor More than seventy...
. Combining this information with any medical information, identification of the relevant tests needed becomes straight forward. About Us | Media | Connect With Us Facebook LinkedIn Twitter ...
to translate data into a critical clinical action. Dr. Brad Patay, M.D. : Chief Medical Officer Brad is dedicated to improving health by integrating genomic knowledge into primary care... of California at Berkeley. After receiving his M.D. degree at UC San Diego in 1997, he completed a medical residency at Banner Health in Phoenix, Arizona and earned board certifications...
that individualized health care, using genetic information available today, has tremendous potential to improve healthcare. This new medical information, in some circumstances, can...

Company Profile:

Contact: 858-224-6666
Address: 6330 Nancy Ridge Dr Ste 106
San Diego, California   92121-3230 , USA
Url: http://www.genection.com
Year Established: 2012
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