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(866) 486-2442

1672e Main St #263 Ramona, California   920655257 , USA

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  • Medical
  • Software
  • Operating
  • Surgery
  • Surgical
  • Nurse
  • Schedule
  • Scheduling
  • Patient
  • Management
  • Record
  • Privelege
  • Costing
  • Procedure
  • Inventory
  • Supplies
  • Intraoperative
  • Anesthesia
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  • Diagnosis
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entered through Intra-Operative Charting and Patient Charting. Proper utilization of this easy-to-use software provides an accurate method of tracking supply usage and time... on procedure. Room charges from detailed case times. Nursing / Staff charges from nursing times and detailed case times. Supplies and equipment charges come from Surgeon Preference... Cards and detailed supply / equipment usage entries, including current cost and charge data from the Inventory sub-system. User definable billing templates allow you to apply...
items on an individual Pref Card, groups of Pref Cards, or all Pref Cards simple by allowing global changes to be made by surgeon, service, or procedure. Case Cart Pick Lists (Supply... requistions) are printed in inventory location / bin number order for easy picking. This allows the person creating the case carts to make one quick, organized trip through the supply room for each cart being created. ...
comprehensive design is ideal for medical supply professionals. Complete integration with Surgeon Preference Cards allows OR Magic inventory module to track actual usage and waste...

Company Profile:

Contact: 866-486-2442
Address: 1672e Main St #263
Ramona, California   920655257 , USA
Url: http://ormagic.com
Fax: 760-788-7049
Business Type: Service

Contract References:

  • GS0903BHM4900 - OFFICE OF FTS2000
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