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518 Main St 4300 Midway Road, Taft, California   93268-3113 , USA

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POWER SUPPLIES High Voltage Power Supply EN-C: Static control power supply EN-C type High Voltage Power Pack. An economical choice for your basic Static Elimination needs. The integrated high voltage converts applied main voltage to approx. 7000 to 8000 volts. The unit is equipped with two or four h...
COMPARE Please forgive our dust.. thanks [ First ] [ Prev ] [ Next ] [ Last ] 2013 All Right Reserved |Welcome| |Static Eliminators| |Nex Flow Air Products| |Download| |Prices| |Compare| |Contact Us| |Internet Links| |Services| |Firm Profile| |Site Map| ...
Our Manufacturing Partners The NISK Associates only represents the finest of Industrial Manufactures, experts in their respective fields. Products that lead their industries in function, features, engineering, construction and overall value. We invite you to visit our partners web site. Our Part...
Static Bars The HAUG RN Ionizing Bars is a powerful, highly effective in controlling static in operations that demand excellent static control and robust, reliable performance. Proven value in the removal of electrostatic charges during roll, sheet and web (continuous product) processing. Production...
Meters The Model 80302Static Meter is a electrofield meter is a small hand-held field strength meter with digital display for measuring electrostatic charges in Volt. It perfectly combines easy operation with accurate measuring technique. The Static Meter measures charges according to the field infl...

Company Profile:

Address: 518 Main St 4300 Midway Road
Taft, California   93268-3113 , USA
Url: http://www.westernwell.com
Fax: 661-763-5737
Business Type: Contruction & Contractor
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