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Umpire State Building Apt 1808, New York, New York   100182023 , USA

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Crystals Land * Welcome To Diamond Tools * _________________________________________ Synthetic Diamond Products _________________________________________ Copy right 1996 GB group, Inc. All right reserved. E-Mail: webmaster@goldbridge.com ...
Crystals Land * Welcome To Mica Crystal * _________________________________________ Machinable Mica ceramics Machinable ceramics is composed of fluoromica crystals dispersed in glass matrix. It can be processed easily to very precision tolerances with standard metal-working tools. It has many other ...
Crystals Land * Welcome To Gemstone Processing Equipments * _________________________________________ Gemstone Processing Equipments Production: 1. Cubic Zirconia Gem Materials, Faceted Gemstone 2. Hemi-automatic faceting machine 3. Hemi-automatic forming machine 4. High precision faceting machine 5...
Crystals Land * Welcome To Optical Quartz * _________________________________________ Optical QuartzThe optical quartz are widely used from eyeglasses to windows of high power lasers. Properties: Free of optical twins. Free of cracks and fractures in used regions. Visible inclusions( except in the s...
Crystals Land * Welcome To Zirconia Crystals * _________________________________________ Polycrystalline Zirconia The polycrystalline zirconia can be fabricated into different shapes and dimensions. Due to its high hardness and brilliant gloss it can be used as the excellent adornments for precious ...

Company Profile:

Address: Umpire State Building Apt 1808
New York, New York   100182023 , USA
Url: http://www.crystalsland.com
Business Type: Wholesale & Distributor
Ownership: Woman owned
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