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(301) 913-0071

4311 Lynbrook Dr, Bethesda, Maryland   208144641 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Aerospace

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Planning, Training, and Integration Complex Aerospace Structures Design and Analysis Rocket Propulsion and RCS Development Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis Complex Thermal...
Trade Association Promoting... Trade Association Promoting Suborbital RLV Market by Jefferson Morris, as published in Aerospace Daily, February 2003. Back Members of the newly... for applications such as national missile defense tests and high-altitude, astronomical, and micro-gravity research missions. According to a recent report by the Aerospace Corp... and Technology, Pioneer Rocketplane, Starcraft Boosters, Inc., TGV Rockets, XCOR Aerospace and Bristol Spaceplanes, according to the report. Hurdles The insurance industry...
flow solvers on true 3D meshes. These tools can be applied to a number of different areas of aerospace vehicle design, including rapid evaluation of conceptual designs...
(Examples -TGV, Teledesic) 7) What will Modular spacecraft bring? 8) Conclusion For decades people outside of aerospace have wondered why planes, rockets and spacecraft can't be built..., because aerospace customers have demanded maximum performance and have not cared about product development costs or schedules. Now a new set of markets is arising that will push... a transition to Modular hardware and create a whole new world of aerospace customers. Before we go too far, it is probably worthwhile to discuss what is meant by structural Vs modular...
disrupt the cycle of spiraling costs. But cheaper rockets probably will be more dangerous, at least initially. In aerospace research, "risk is acceptable and may actually be required... Falcon, which Musk hopes will cost $6 million per launch. In any event, the big aerospace companies aren't sweating over their fledgling competitors. Lockheed's vice president...

Company Profile:

Contact: 301-913-0071
Address: 4311 Lynbrook Dr
Bethesda, Maryland   208144641 , USA
Url: http://www.tgv-rockets.com
Fax: 301-652-7136
Business Type: Manufacturer
Ownership: Minority owned
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