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(703) 528-5771

4008 N. Richmond St., Arlington, Virginia   222074815 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Action Plan
  • Business Development
  • Organization Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Strategy
  • Vision

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capabilities from Academy Leadership --- developing leaders who deliver results! Since 2008, both Principals of The Team, Christine A. R. MacNulty, FRSA and Stephen R. Woodall, Ph.D...., have become Affiliates of Academy Leadership --- certified to lead and execute Academy Leadership programs, including the Leadership Boot Camp Experience! Take your business... to the next level through leadership training. Academy Leadership provides you and your staff with the skills you need to achieve business success! About our Academy Leadership Programs...
product and business development and R In combination with our team-mates, we are now using them for Information Operations and Strategic Communications. Main Benefits: Greater...Understanding People and Cultures Applied Futures Method for Understanding People and Cultures Over the years we have developed models and templates for assisting our clients... and Alidade Incorporated we have developed an entirely new approach to this that we call Cultural-Cognitive Systems Analysis (CCSA)SM that combines a deep understanding of cultures...
, organizational change, R planning, new concepts, technology assessment and business development. Recently she has applied her knowledge of strategy, cultures and cognition to understanding... developed the European version of SRI International s Values & Lifestyles Program, and worked with the International Research Institute on Social Change to develop their social... models for use by industry. She has applied her knowledge of people and their values and beliefs to strategic planning, marketing planning, advertising, vision development...
are facing the future with tools which were developed decades ago. We are planning yesterday's campaigns to fight tomorrow's battles. Organizations are operating in a business environment... operating environment, as well as driving forces impinging on our own business. Particular attention should be paid to technology and social change Develop a shared vision of our... for our customers?" "What is our business really all about?" "How can we turn it on its head and see it differently?" All the information above relates to the business of developing...
Privatization Services and Documentation under SIN 874-6
an understanding of the organization's problems, issues and dilemmas identifies key elements of an organizations business and future develops a shared direction for the organization... and personal visions become the basis for their vision and the strategic plan to achieve it. By sharing their different perspectives the participants develop a robust vision... and a plan to which all of them are committed. In addition to the production of the vision and strategic plan, we design the workshop so that the participants develop a systems view...

Company Profile:

Contact: 703-528-5771
Address: 4008 N. Richmond St.
Arlington, Virginia   222074815 , USA
Url: http://www.exploit-the-future.com
Fax: 703-528-5629
Business Type: Service
Ownership: Woman owned

Contract References:

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