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480-948-3789 x41

15555 N 79th Place Scottsdale, Arizona   85260-1681 , USA

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General Info:

High accuracy turbine flowmeters for gas and liquid flow measurement. Flow computers, custom housings. 0.10% of reading liquid meters. 1/4 to 12inch sizes. 0.025 - 12,000 GPM. Fuels, water, air meters. Primary standard flow calibrations.

Products & Services:

  • Flowmeter
  • Flow Meter
  • Flow
  • Measurement
  • Turbine
  • Dual Rotor
  • Accuracy
  • Exact Flow
  • Flow Meters
  • Mass Flowmeter
  • Turbine Meter

Web Site Results

Click here for Flow Meter... Flow Measurement Technical Bulletins NEW: Ceramic Bearing Advantages Bearings are the most critical component of a turbine flowmeter in terms of both..., life and resistance to corrosion. Flow Measurement Technical Tips NEW: Turbine Flowmeters and Pipe Threads When employing precision turbine flowmeters, it is best not to use NPT... fittings on the meter or upstream of it. Flow Range Affect on Cost and Performance When specifying the flow range for your turbine flowmeter application, a more detailed description...
Flow Transfer Standard ensures Flow Meter Accuracy
turndown). Instead of removing flowmeters from service for recalibration, the Flow Gator flow transfer standard allows users to "bring the calibrator to the flowmeter." This... into the field. Two Exact dual-rotor turbine flowmeters, which provide exceptional repeatability of 0.02%, enable the Flow Transfer Standard system uncertainty to be <0.25% of reading. The Flow... Flow Gator calibrator reads signals from the master meters, the flowmeter under test and a fluid temperature sensor. The embedded flow computers process these signals to enable...

Company Profile:

Contact: 480-948-3789 x41
Address: 15555 N 79th Place
Scottsdale, Arizona   85260-1681 , USA
Url: http://www.exactflow.com
Fax: 480-948-3610
Year Established: 1996
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer,Service

Contract References:

  • D367751 - Boeing Aircraft
  • P424-3120-D - Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
  • 059613 - Arnold Air Force Base ACS
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