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781-545-9100 x12

18 Drew Pl Scituate, Massachusetts   02066-3765 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Durmetal
  • Coldweld
  • Stop Leaks
  • 3 Min

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to a 11/2 copper elbow and adjoining nipple. The problem was to stop a leak in a system carrying an Ethylene Glycol solution at 40 lbs. pressure and between 28 F and 30 F. We... cooling jacket sprung a leak. We could not turn the compressor off for any great length of time as this compressor controlled our freezer temperatures. We turned off the water... to make the repair, but let the compressor run. We used DURMETAL Standard. Two hours later we turned the compressor back on. It did not leak. Mainly, we have used your RAPID to patch gas...
repaired, even while the surface is wet, oily or greasy. Unlike other products on the market, DURMETAL SUPER CA-HD RAPID works under water or in oil. Capable of stopping leaks to 90 psi... draining. Hole 60 x 25 cm, leaking. Savings more than $105,500. Fuel Bunker line on ship: Crack occurred during fueling. Stopped live leak. Saved $52.773. Vital to have DURMETAL... + Base Now you are able to stop a leak in a tank, container or on pipes-without emptying systems. VELODUR DURMETAL SUPER CA-HD RAPID adheres to oily, greasy or wet surfaces. Work can...
was welded to the tank. We had the transformer out only 30 minutes and saved 8 hours downtime and $ 3 000.. You have a great product! We were successful in stopping a leak in a weld... Companies Our first repair involved using DURMETAL Standard to repair a leaking transformer tank. The actual repair and downtime was approx. 1 hour, where the only alternative... would have taken approx. 5 hours. Therefore we estimate a savings of about $ 300.. Patched the sight glass on 11,000 volt oil circuit breaker insulator bushing. Oil was leaking...
, greasy and wet surfaces or submerged in water or oil. It is the only known process to stop leaks on tanks, pipes and containers without emptying systems. This revolutionary process... methods like welding or epoxies have failed. Sections of leaking tanks can be fixed in 5 minutes by using VELODUR /DURMETAL SUPER CA-HD RAPID No lost downtime, no interruption...

Company Profile:

Contact: 781-545-9100 x12
Address: 18 Drew Pl
Scituate, Massachusetts   02066-3765 , USA
Url: http://www.durmetal.com
Fax: 781-545-4719
Year Established: 1966
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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