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408-988-3980 x170

3391 Keller St Santa Clara, California   95054-2612 , USA

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General Info:

cirexx provides design, fabrication and assembly solutions for printed circuit boards(pcb). specializing in quick turn high-end printed circuit boards including flex circuits, rigid-flex, micro vias, fr-4 and duroid.

Products & Services:

  • Quick Turn Pcb
  • Quick Turn Pcb Design
  • Quick Turn Pcb Fabrication
  • Quick Turn Pcb Assembly
  • Flex Circuit Design
  • Flex Circuit Fabrication
  • Flex Circuit Assembly
  • Rigid-flex Circuit Design
  • Rigid-flex Circuit Fabrication
  • Rigid-flex Circuit Assembly
  • Fr4 Design
  • Fr4 Fabrication
  • Fr4 Assembly
  • Printed Circuit Board Services
  • Pcb Design
  • Quick Pcb Design

Web Site Results

Military Call : 800 444 6817 Email : sales@cirexx.com Home Services Seamless Integration PCB Design PCB Fabrication PCB Assembly Manufacturing Guidelines Flex Circuits FR-4 / 408... Prototype FR4 & Assembly Milspec work Sole Sourced Program Level Quick Turn FR4 Prototype Manufacturing Obsolesence Mitigation Legacy FR4 Assembly Manufacturing Quick Turn FR-4 Flex... Form File Upload: FTP Form Certifications UL ISO MIL-SPEC ITAR IPC ODB++ Product & Services PCB Design PCB Fabrication PCB Assembly Material Data Sheets Download Literature...

Company Profile:

Contact: 408-988-3980 x170
Address: 3391 Keller St
Santa Clara, California   95054-2612 , USA
Url: http://www.cirexx.com
Fax: 408-988-4534
Year Established: 1980
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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