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(417) 794-3303

205 Wolf Creek Rd Cedarcreek, Missouri   65627-7374 , USA

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General Info:

chase studio designs and fabricates natural history exhibits and dioramas for museums, visitor centers, nature centers, learning centers and the film industry. chase studio designs museum exhibits, builds museum exhibits and sets the standard for realism and sceintific accuracy. chase studio has been museum exhibit designers and museum exhibit builders for more than 35 years, focusing on natural history exhibits for nature centers, visitor centers, museums and learning centers.

Products & Services:

  • Museum Exhibit Designers Natural History Diorama Modeling Casting Graphics Murals Animations Robotics

Web Site Results

Generations of research, experience, and collaboration with the world's foremost authorities insures scientific accuracy. Design, craftsmanship, and attention to detail make these some of the most realistic, enduring, and best loved natural history exhibits in the world today. Since 1973, Chase Stud...
Planning Ideally, the architect and exhibit designer should work in tandem during the planning stage to save time and money. When called into the process early, Chase Studio can save clients considerable time, money, and effort by avoiding unnecessary architectural adjustments or exhibit changes. Ch...
Dioramas Dr. Chase has dedicated a large portion of his career to preserving the museum arts and pioneering new techniques, specializing in dioramas. Today, Chase Studio artists employ traditional and modern modeling and casting methods and materials to create ultra-realistic plants, animals, and fo...
Models and Mannequins A plains Indian is frozen in mid-stroke as he carves his dug-out canoe; an aborigine draws back his arm to throw his spear; Benjamin Franklin flies his history-making kite in a lightning storm; these subjects are merely a hint of the experiences Chase Studios models and mannequ...
Wildlife Sculptures From tree frogs that could rest on the tip of a finger to the largest of dinosaurs weighing many tons, Chase Studio can create animals of startling realism and accuracy in resin and bronze. Prototypes are usually sculpted in clay or wax over an armature of wood, welded steel, or ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 417-794-3303
Address: 205 Wolf Creek Rd
Cedarcreek, Missouri   65627-7374 , USA
Url: http://www.chasestudio.com
Fax: 417-794-3741
Year Established: 1973
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer,Service
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