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(512) 796-2388

1832 Camas Dr, Austin, Texas   78728-5744 , USA

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General Info:

1. Windows and Linux/Unix - Interoperability prouct - X - Window Server for PCs2. Remote Online Consulting3. Collaborative Portal for virtual teams.

Products & Services:

  • Interoperability
  • Collaborative
  • Portal
  • Virtual-team
  • Remote Online
  • Consulting

Web Site Results

) Auto detection of remote font server. Documentation The product comes with online help pages and man pages in HTML format. Install and Uninstall Easy to install setup, with full... in the network during X-Server startup offers easy point and click connection to remote UNIX/LINUX hosts. Supports remote font servers. X-Deep/32 can automatically detect remote font servers... Checkout the online documentation for more details on what X-Deep/32 X-Server can do for you.... X11R6 Clients The base package comes with pre-compiled binaries of useful clients...
tab "Security". You can also use xhost client (provided) to enable the remote host to make connection to the X-Server. Either do xhost + or xhost . Please refer to the xhost online...online documentation X-Deep/32 4.x X-Server (For a latest copy or updates to this document, please check online at our website http://www.pexus.com . For questions... inter operability between the remote X client application and local Windows NT/2000 and Windows 9x/ME applications. The latest release of X-Deep/32 X-Server offers improved usability...

Company Profile:

Contact: 512-796-2388
Address: 1832 Camas Dr
Austin, Texas   78728-5744 , USA
Url: http://www.pexus.com
Fax: 186-644-52344
Year Established: 1995
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Service
Ownership: Minority owned
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