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(503) 225-1950

4175 Sw Humphrey Blvd, Portland, Oregon   97221-3253 , USA

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COMPANY PROFILE Racke Strategies & Technologies (RST) concentrates on the formulation and execution of strategies for clients in the areas of business development, the application, development or commercialization of advanced technologies and scientific or technical capabilities and in establish...
CLIENTS Racke Strategies & Technologies has worked with industry and research leaders on both sides of the Pacific and in Europe as well. A partial list of some of the organizations we have been proud to have served are listed below. PARTIAL LISTING: A partnership of four U.S. Department of Ener...
OFFICE LOCATIONS United States Portland Tel: (503) 225-1950 Fax: (503) 274-2322 Email: rst@racke.net Japan Tokyo Tel: +81 (0)427 39 0478 Mobile: +81 (0)90 7242 3234 Email: rst.jp@racke.net San Francisco Mobile: (415) 377-9996 jshimada@racke.net ...
BACKGROUND Racke Strategies & Technologies, Inc. (RST) was founded in 1984 as Trans-Pacific Communications, Inc. (TPC) by its President, Douglas E. Rake. Throughout much of the company's history and for the past several years in particular, RST and TPC have been active in the fields of advanced ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 503-225-1950
Address: 4175 Sw Humphrey Blvd
Portland, Oregon   97221-3253 , USA
Url: http://www.racke.net
Fax: 503-274-2322
Year Established: 1984
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Service
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