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(510) 559-9603

1055 Creston Rd, Berkeley, California   94708-1545 , USA

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Featured Projects FERNANDEZ RANCHMANAGEMENT PLAN CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA Client: Muir Heritage Land Trust Contact: Beth Pardieck, Stewardship Coordinator: 925/228-5460 Fernandez Ranch incorporates 700 acres of grasslands, oak woodlands, and riparian corridors representative of northern Contra Costa ...
Featured Projects CALTRANS MADERA POOLS IN-HOUSE MITIGATION BANK SOUTHERN MADERA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA Client: California Department of Transportation, District 6 Contact: Virginia VonBerg, Project Manager: 559/243-8154 Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting is establishing a multi-species vernal pool/season...
Featured Projects SEARS POINTRESTORATION AND STEWARDSHIP PROJECT SONOMA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA Client: Sonoma Land Trust/Wetlands and Water Resources Contact: John Brosnan, Project Manager: 707/526-6930 The 2,300-acre Sears Point project site, situated along the northern edge of San Pablo Bay, incorpora...
Staff Meet our key personnel: John Everett Vollmar Jaymee Marty Rebecca Bewley Wayman Jake Schweitzer Wendy Renz Cassie Pinnell Roxanne Hulme Eric Smith Vir McCoy John S. Hale Caitlin Papathakis and our Associates. John Everett Vollmar President and Senior Ecologist B.S. University of California,...
Downloads Statement of Qualifications, Jan. 2012 (PDF) Services Collage Frog Photo Describe service as related to photo. This interactive map requires Flash Player 7 or later (update your Flash Player here) and JavaScript. Your browser has not met one or both of these conditions, which is why this m...

Company Profile:

Contact: 510-559-9603
Address: 1055 Creston Rd
Berkeley, California   94708-1545 , USA
Url: http://www.vollmarconsulting.com
Fax: 510-559-9605
Year Established: 1997
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Service
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