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(203) 624-9461

250 Church St Ste 302 New Haven, Connecticut   06510-1714 , USA

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General Info:

pro-teck l.l.c. is an independent company offering complete transportation and disposal solutions. as an established leader in the field, we offer a comprehensive range of waste management services dealing with all types of hazardous, non-hazardous, and regulated waste streams. our vast network of disposal options coupled with our extensive transportation network allows our team to provide a professional and competitive approach to waste disposal.

Products & Services:

  • Transportation & Disposal
  • Disposal
  • Dumpster
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Asbestos Disposal
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Petroleum Soil
  • Transportation Waste
  • Waste Removal
  • Antifreeze Disposal
  • Drum
  • Soil Disposal
  • Toxic Waste Disposal
  • Billy Torello
  • Proteck
  • Pro Teck
  • Pro Teck

Web Site Results

Contaminated Soil Disposal
Pro-Tecktion Pro-Teck L.L.C. Asbestos Auto Fluff & Fines Automotive Fluids and Oil Catch Basin Waste CFC Recovery Construction and Demolition Debris Contaminated Soil CT Soil... Disposal "Spent" Fluorescent Bulbs Lead Based Paint & Lead Contaminated Materials Unused / Damaged Products Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Waste Food Products Expired / Past Shelf Life... Products Industrial Waste Unidentified Chemicals Mercury Devices PCB Ballasts PCB Transformers Pigeon Guano RCRA Hazardous Waste Radioactive Waste Septic Sludge Solvents, Oils, Paints...

Company Profile:

Contact: 203-624-9461
Address: 250 Church St Ste 302
New Haven, Connecticut   06510-1714 , USA
Url: http://www.proteckllc.com
Fax: 203-624-9463
Year Established: 2003
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Business Type: Service
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