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(615) 473-3669

4004 Lealand Ln, Nashville, Tennessee   37204-4002 , USA

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General Info:

specialize in decorative concrete such as pouring and stamping concrete, acid staining concrete, pouring integral colored concrete, aggregate concrete, broom concrete

Products & Services:

  • Decorative Concrete
  • Aggregate Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Colored Concrete
  • Integral Colored
  • Integral Color
  • Acid Stained
  • Concrete Pour
  • Broom Concrete

Web Site Results

: Stamped Concrete and Stamped Overlays Textured Concrete Finishes Acid Stained Concrete Scored & Engraved Concrete Water Based / Polymer Stained Concrete Microtoppings & Skim Coats Self-Leveling Overlays and Underlayments Spray-down Systems Sealing ...Concrete Elegance, Inc. About Decorative Concrete Interested in learning more about decorative concrete and your choices? Click on any item below to learn more about that product...
Water Based / Polymer... Water-based / Polymer Stained Concrete Some concrete cannot be acid stained due to some of the following reasons: the area may have been previously... cleaned with muratic acid (acid washed) a substance is inhibiting the chemical reaction of the acid stain (cure-n-seal used at time concrete originally placed car oil leaks in garages... professionals with talent have become "Concrete Artisans". More controlled application and color is achieved compared to acid stain which reacts to the lime and other concrete components...
6 straight edge. Concrete engraving in a nutshell is staining the concrete to give it color, then engraving (routing) out a pattern. The routed area is now uncolored - thus... produces an aged or vintage look) The concrete is stained. The concrete is engraved. A sealer is applied. New or old concrete can be engraved. ...Scored & Engraved Concrete Scoring and Engraving Concrete Scoring creates the look of greater elegance by transferring concrete into the appearance of tile, marble or stone. In...
, is it better to cover them up than to live with them? Are concrete floors cold and damp? Questions About Acid Stain What is an Acid Stain? Can I use an Acid Stain anywhere I want...? Is Acid Stain for interior use? What is the most important step in my Acid Stain job? What can be done if my concrete was finished with curing compounds or sealer? Will a water...? How long does the concrete have to dry before it can be stained? Questions About Stamped Concrete Can you make regular or existing concrete or aggregate look like stamped concrete...
Acid Stained Concrete Acid Staining Concrete Elegance acid staining offers a low-maintenance, durable surface that is perfect for high traffic areas. Our stain finished floors... durability, Concrete Elegance offers a surfacing option that fits any design criteria and budget. Concrete Elegance provides a surface that is resistant to daily stains and is impervious... look elegant and luxurious even though acid staining is more affordable than most high-end hardwood or tile. In addition, with our unlimited design capabilities and unmatched...

Company Profile:

Contact: 615-473-3669
Address: 4004 Lealand Ln
Nashville, Tennessee   37204-4002 , USA
Url: http://www.concreteelegance.com
Fax: 615-250-4873
Year Established: 2001
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Contruction & Contractor
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